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bideford cattery north devonWith the holiday season fast approaching, please take a moment to dig out your cats vaccination card.

This is as important as checking that your own Passport is in date, otherwise you won't be going on holiday.

If you can't find your cats card, visit or make a call to your vets to check if kitty is still in date.

Your vets will be happy to email you proof of vaccination if you have mislaid your card. 

It is important you do this sooner rather than later to give yourself time to sort before your holiday.

If your cats' vaccinations have lapsed and are out of date by more than 3 months, it is likely that you will need to start the course again rather than having just a single booster jab. cat vaccination card

If you need to start the course again, you will need to have the first vaccination followed by another between 3-4 weeks later.

It is also advisable to leave any visit to a cattery for a further 2 weeks to allow your cat to build their immunity.

On arrival at your cattery, staff will need to see proof of your cats vaccination to comply with the terms of their license agreement with the local council.

Mandatory Inoculations
Feline Influenza -cat flu
Feline Entiritis

Contact your vets for further information.

cat vaccination syringe

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Holiday Vaccination checkup

cat vaccination cards

Happy New Year from all the staff at Old Moor Boarding Cattery.

Now we are starting another year, lots of people will be looking forward to the summer and booking their holidays. Here are a few of my tips to help you prepare in advance, making sure your cat is fully ready for boarding.

  • Check your cat is up-to-date with vaccinations. If you're unsure check with your own vet.
  • Get in contact with your cattery and book early if you can.

If you have a favourite cattery, always check they can fit your cat in before booking your own holiday.

It’s a good idea to have a couple of catteries you are happy with.

If you are using a new cattery, it is advisable to ask if you can book an appointment to view in advance of booking. This gives you an opportunity to find the cattery before travelling with your cat in the car and also to make sure you are happy with the facilities.

  • One of the most important items you need for your cat is a secure carry box/basket. In advance of travelling check the condition of your carry box and replace if damaged. If you need to purchase a new one, then we strongly advise you purchase a wire carry basket as it’s the safest option.
  • Make sure you have enough Prescription food/medication to last the duration of your cats stay. If your visit is a long one, contact the vets in advance and give your permission for details relating to your cat health and welfare to be available to cattery owner.


  • Try not to let your cat out before heading off to cattery/vets as they will probably do a disappearing act!
  • If your cat doesn't travel well, lift up all food the evening before around 8pm, but make sure they have water. Arrange with your cattery that they give them breakfast on your arrival.

Arrange to do similar if you have an afternoon arrival.

  • If your cat gets stressed/anxious by travelling there are a vast array of calming tablets, capsules and sprays available online or speak to your vets for advice.

Considering covering your cat with a blanket whilst travelling.
Ensure you secure your carry box in the car as you would a child.


Cat in carry basket/box
Vaccination card/proof of vaccination
Prescription Medication
Prescription Food


Bed/bedding or something that smells of home
Own food

cat basket holidays


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Opening Times

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Sundays and Bank Holidays by arrangement.

If you wish to deliver or collect your cat outside of these hours we are happy to be flexible to suit your needs.

We openly encourage all prospective customers to pay us a visit and to have a look around before they confirm their booking. 

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